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At Meridian Fence, we offer a wide variety of Cedar fencing.  Cedar is a great option for a fencing material and has been since fence became a barrier. Depending on what mill you buy from you can either purchase a western red (normally from Oregon) or an inland red (usually from northern Idaho).

Both western red and inland cedar naturally come straight. It usually has a tight grain with few knots. It has a natural resistant’s to decomposition and is well-known for its unique smell. Cedar does not warp or shrink under normal, natural conditions.

Take a look below at some of the cedar fence options we offer:


Cedar Fence Styles

Cedar Pergola, Arbor, Gazebo

About Cedar Fencing:
Not all cedar is created equal. In fact, there are usually 3 different types of grades and several different sizes. When thinking about purchasing a cedar fence, grade should always be at the top of the list. Most contractors use a #3 grade which is usually the least expensive and lacks on the quality. Normally a #3 grade board or picket will have several knots, which down the road can and most likely lead to holes and defects. Also, the contractor grade of wood typically has one good side to it and the other side will have some type of crack, gouge, split or rot. Most homeowners will stick with the better quality wood so that it stand up over the years.

It is also important to know the size of cedar you are getting. If you are looking to put up a dog ear cedar fence, you want to make sure you use the correct size rail and proper amount of them. If your cedar pickets are ¾” or less, you will want to add a 3rd rail in the middle because your fence will bow with the sun. When choosing your cedar, it is important to ask if it is kiln dried or green. This is an important question because if the cedar is still green (wet), when the summer time comes it will shrink and leave cracks between your pickets. When the picket(s) are kiln dried, it takes up to 80% of the moisture out and you normally don’t have the issues like shrinking and waiting for it to dry out so it can be stained.

Cedar fence can also be pressure treated or stained. Each additive helps protect the longevity of the fence so that it will last. If taken care of properly, a cedar fence can last over 20 years. By properly staining your fence, it will allow the wood to maintain its integrity.