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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link

About Chain Link Fencing:
Chain link is one of the more popular types of fence being installed today. It has many advantages that other fence types do not offer. For starters, chain link is the least expensive type of barrier fence around. Although it really only has one style, it can give you both the open concept as well as the privacy look. If cost is the most important issue to you, chain link is the most viable option you have. Because it is a galvanized material, it is long lasting, durable, and even “green” because it is made from all the scrap metal that isn’t used.

Chain link also come in many different colors and heights. Some of the more popular colors are black, green, brown, and silver. It also poses a use for any type of vines, flowers, or morning glory to attach to. If shrubs are planted next to it, the fence becomes virtually invisible.

Chain link can range from a simple dog run/dog kennel to one of the most secure fence styles around. For a residential home, you can use it as a perimeter fence to keep you kids and pets in and if you want to add some privacy to it, you can add vinyl slats to give you that look.

If you have a business that you need to keep people out of after hours, chain link is probably your best option as well. It’s a perfect style of fence to add a few strands of barb wire or razor wire to keep people from trying to climb over. Installation if fairly easy with this style as well. Most parts fit perfectly and go up relatively easy. If a link gets broken, a simple fix can be applied.

Field Fence/Barb wire/electric fence:
If you have livestock or horses, these options will work perfect for you. By far the most economical to enclose a property with acreage, any of these options will work for you. Need to keep a pesky horse in, T-posts with a strand of electric wire or fabric will do the trick. In today’s market, you don’t need to have an electric power source running to your box in order to get juice to your fence. Manufacturers have come up with solar boxes that will run miles of electric fence at an affordable cost.

For those who have children or are afraid to get shocked themselves but still want to keep their cows or horses in, 3-4 strand barb wire will work fine. The most important fact to know about this style is to not put the posts to far apart so it loses it stability. You may have to put stays in the middle of the fence between posts if your animals are really aggressive.
If you want to keep pets in like dogs, goats, and sheep, then field fence will be your best option. This style comes in several heights including 3’, 4’ and 5’ tall. You can get the mesh portion in small squares like a 2×4 or larger holes such as a 6×6. Fabric comes in many types of thickness or gauges. The lower the gauge, the thicker the material. This comes in handy for people trying to climb over it or animals pushing on it trying to bend it. If you have larger animals in it, you can also put a strand of barb wire on top to prevent leaning or even keep other animals out, like deer and elk.