Q & A’s About Fencing in Boise

Vinyl fencing has been available since 1984. It is the fastest growing product in the fencing industry with sustained annual growth at more than 30%.
It is warrantied by the factory for your lifetime to never do that. We use a U.V. inhibitor called titanium dioxide at a rate of 10 parts per hundred which creates a solar barrier equivalent to a sun block of 38 so the sun can’t break it down.
It has five times the tensile strength of wood and four times the flexibility. It flexes under load making it strong enough to safely hold cattle and horses. Our manufacturers use impact modifiers to make our fence strong and forgiving for horses and riders as well as other farm animals.
A mild detergent and water are all you should need to keep your fence looking new. For tough stains, use a non abrasive cleaner. For best appearance, we recommend you wash your fence once a year.
While plastic materials do become less flexible when its cold, our components are designed to accommodate normal temperature swings. The impact inhibitors we use to prevent breaking also help our components withstand cold weather conditions.
Although the initial cost of vinyl is slightly higher than wood, vinyl’s long term, maintenance free durability more than makes up for the cost difference.
Our products are manufactured in 2 different colors: white and almond.
Vinyl products have smooth surfaces with no nails, sharp edges or chance for splinters. You, your children, pets, and animals are all safe. Vinyl has a tough surface, retains virtually no moisture, and has no taste- therefore, horses tend not to “crib” or chew on it.
If you decide to paint it, an epoxy-based paint needs to be used in order to adhere to the smooth vinyl surfaces. As with any painted product it would have to be repainted in time. Any painting of your of your product voids the written warranty
That is a good question. Please check your building codes in your community. Most of our products will meet every requirement out there.