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Welcome to Meridian Fence – The #1 Fencing Contractor In Boise, Id!

We are no longer able to take fence repair projects until next year.  

Vinyl Fence

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Vinyl fencing is easy to clean, maintain, is resistant to harsh weather, and offers a high return on investment. Although the initial cost may be higher than a wood fence, a vinyl fence will save you money in the long run.

Cedar Fence

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Cedar fencing is very popular in the Boise area. It has a lower initial cost than other fencing materials, it looks great, and if properly maintained will last for many years.

Wrought Iron Fence

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Wrought iron fencing is secure, strong, and beautiful. We offer popular 2 rail, extra stability 3 rail, and capped style wrought iron fencing. We also install chain link fencing, which can be less expensive, and provide higher levels of security.

Farm / Ranch Fence

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We work with farmers and ranchers all over Boise and surrounding areas to provide barb wire, rail fencing, or custom fencing needs.  

Chain Link Fence

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Chain link can range from a simple dog run/dog kennel to one of the most secure fence styles around. For a residential home, you can use it as a perimeter fence to keep kids and pets in or out.

Fence Repair

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Whether you want to repair, preserve, restore, or beautify your existing fence in Boise, nobody does it better than Meridian Fence. We offer a maintenance-free stain that is backed by a 2-3 year manufactures warranty.

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