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Wrought Iron & Ornamental Fence Products

Meridian Fence offers wrought iron fence, entry gates, and other ornamental metal products. Take a look below at some of the options we offer:

Wrought Iron Perimeter Fence

Wrought Iron Vista

Alt Vista

Capped Alt Vista

Western 2 Rail

Western 3 Rail

Other Wrought Iron Products

Porch Rail

Courtyard & Entry Gates

Pool Fence

About Wrought Iron Fencing:
Wrought iron is a great choice for those who want the open concept. Wrought iron accents the beauty of people’s landscape and gardens. Today, most iron products are made up of a tubular product which can be powder coated in many different colors. What makes a wrought iron fence so special is the ability to be shaped in distinctive, decorative appearances. From entry gates to garden boxes, wrought iron offers an endless amount of options to choose from.

One option you may have in mind is protection and durability. Wrought iron fence has been protecting people homes and businesses since the early 19th century. They don’t call wrought iron the “100 year” fence for no reason. It has an uncanny ability absorb punishment by not denting, bending, or buckling. Because of its strength, wrought iron is a great option for security and protection. It can be a safety net for your children around pools, a great pet friendly fence, and security to keep intruders out. Or they can be purely selfish reasons. A wrought iron fence is one of the only types of fence that will add value to your home. Entry gates, courtyard gates, custom scroll work, or porch railing are a few ways to add value and flare to your home.